What is all this about?

The first reason for this website is having a nice overview of conferences that are of interest to noncommutative algebraic geometers. There are the excellent FDLIST, commalg.org and Vakil's list for conferences related to representation theory (respectively commutative algebra, and algebraic geometry), but not every event interesting for people working in noncommutative algebraic geometry is listed there.

Besides listing events, the main example of what we will try to do is providing a noncommutative algebraic geometry analogue of commalg.org, which provides an excellent website for the commutative algebra community. We'll see how far we get in this respect.

What is noncommutative algebraic geometry?

Ahh, that is a hairy question. Let's say that for the purposes of this website, noncommutative algebraic geometry means something like:

  • studying algebraic geometry (and various types of rings and algebras) using triangulated categories and friends,
  • studying noncommutative objects using tools from algebraic geometry (e.g. moduli spaces), which in particular includes noncommutative analogues of algebraic geometry such as Artin–Zhang-style noncommutative projective geometry.
Although very interesting subjects themselves, we will not necessarily try to keep you updated on things like C*-algebras or Connes-style noncommutative differential geometry. It turns out that there already is an initiative in this area: noncommutativegeometry.nl, by Walter van Suijlekom.


If you wish to contribute, please get in touch via pbelmans@math.uni-bonn.de. You can contribute by

  • telling us about your conference
  • provide interesting news for the NCAG community
  • ...

Currently everything is maintained by Pieter Belmans.