Keeping the conference list up-to-date during the Covid-19 pandemic

I have just gone through the listing of conferences, removing cancelled conferences, and updating the postponed ones (at least those which have new dates).

Let me know if I have missed an event or if you notice a mistake. Online-only events are also very welcome of course!

Sign of life, and country flags

I've been regularly updating the conferences list, in case you were wondering whether this website sees any activity. Aside from that there is nothing new.

Except that I have now decorated all locations with a little flag. Because vexillology is fun!

Keeping up-to-date with the list of conferences

If you are interested in keeping up-to-date with the conferences list and you wish to get a notification each time a conference is added, it turns out that GitHub provides an Atom feed for the file where all conferences are collected. It suffices to add this link to your feed reader (if you still use such a thing).

It turns out that they do not list this file as an Atom feed for the conferences.yml file on the commits page of this file. So maybe this functionality will break at some point.

The less tech-savvy people can also click on the Last updated date on the conference list, to go to the commits page of the relevant file, and figure out themselves which conferences are new. Please note that this date is not entirely correct, in the sense that it is not based on changes to the relevant file, but to all files.

It turns out that there is a website similar to this one, tailored towards less algebraic (and hence more analytic) flavours of noncommutative geometry. It can be found at, and it has been around already for a few years now. It is maintained by Walter van Suijlekom.

They feature a blog containing conference announcements, and a list of interesting background articles. I have been thinking about compiling a similar list for noncommutative algebraic geometry, but that hasn't happened yet.

Moving servers

I just moved everything over to GitHub Pages, and reconfigured the DNS so that instead of a redirect to a subdirectory on the department's server the website is fully functional on the actual domain. If this doesn't mean anything to you but you see in your address bar, then everything is fine.

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